Obstacles in Life, How to Avoid Pitfalls and Overcome

Focus on celebrating challenges and facing obstacles head-on!

As a family we often are challenged to get along or be kind, but if we can’t practice it at home, how can we practice it in the world around us???

Here are 5 things to focus on today that will help you overcome obstacles together:

  1. I am…Positive words (words of affirmation) encourage us to be our best
  2. I can…We can do more than we ever thought we could especially when we do it together -Exercises help us be strong!
  3. Emotions and feelings are ok–sometimes it’s tough to show our feelings, but if we share with others they will know how to help us get through what’s going on and enjoy the moment!
  4. You Are..words of encouragement really make us feel good, so let’s share them with others too! We are stronger together!
  5. HOLD STRONG! Crossing that line of who you were yesterday to who you will be tomorrow can affect your life and all those around you- when you choose happiness and kindness then you can share it with others-WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!!!

Mom’s Corner: Let’s encourage our kids daily and build up those habits that will allow them to flourish! Make sure you continue to use compliments and words of affirmation to impact the lives of those around you!


Show the world that you can support others this week-show them how you are stronger together and lift someone else up. Help someone who’s struggling this week by being kind, thoughtful and helpful. Try to give compliments and share kindness wherever you go! 

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