Just stop it! We need to end mom-shaming!!!

What does “Mom-Shaming” mean to you? And why is there such a thing as Mom-Shaming anyway?!?

What the heck is wrong with people! Mommyhood is a challenge no matter how you look at it, even if you have perfect kids all the time (good luck with that one) you still will face the inevitable melt down in the store or face fighting or punishing your kid in public. And what do you do then? Do you look around and hope that no one is going to make you feel bad or do you just roll with it and hope it goes away somehow?

Having a hard time with your kids in general does NOT make any mom feel good, and the last thing she needs is another women, especially other moms giving her a drop-dead look that makes her feel even worse!

I am ready to be done with Mom-shaming. I am ready to stop thinking that any mom especially me needs to be perfect at any time. HOW. ABOUT. YOU???

Who wants to be perfect anyways? I mean we see it on social media, we see it on TV, we read about it in books and magazines…but honestly, I would rather be REAL. I would rather recognize the moms in my life who do things really well and face their struggles head-on. Moms who don’t always have it together, or moms who lean on their friends and families during tough times. I have friends in my life who have kids with chronic illnesses and moms who have kids with special needs, moms who have helped their kids fight through cancer and moms who just are struggling to make it through the day with their perfectly normal, super high-energy kids…Not one knows how to do it perfectly. But they are all doing the best they can.

And that girlfriend is all you can do! Just be your best self, give yourself a little more patience and be kind to yourself…and then share it with others!

I mean seriously you are MOM-AZING…Moms you are just that, completely amazing and don’t your forget it!  So as you go about your day today and every day, look at the moms you see with more compassion–heck, look at everyone with more compassion!

Put yourself in their shoes and ask how you could help make their day better?!? Honestly. Does giving a mean look help someone when they are already struggling? Maybe they just need a smile or someone to say, “it’s ok. You got this mama. It’s hard right now but it’s going to get better. Keep up the good work.”

So be the change the world needs to see today, smile and be kind. Offer a hand if needed. Be your best self. You got this mama!


P.S. To all the daddies who read this page, thank you. We certainly appreciate you and your hard work too. I will be writing to you soon!


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